Fallout 4 (ps4): FINAL THOUGHTS

Fallout 4Fallout 4 was a fun and entertaining ride with many memorable highs and lows. While exploring beautiful vistas, shooting through hordes of unfriendly people and monsters has been very fun – it has left a pretty sour taste in my mouth. A word of caution for those reading this article, THIS ARTICLE WILL BE FILLED WITH MAJOR SPOILERS. Please proceed with caution going forward.

If you have read my previous article, Fallout 4 (ps4): Teaching an old Gamer new Tricks, you already know that I enjoyed this game very much after getting into the exploration aspects. This is the first and only game I have ever played from developer Bethesda Game Studios and this will probably be my last – or I would at least wait a year for them to iron things out before purchasing.

Don’t assume I didn’t give this game a chance and rushed through it. I put in a good 100 hours in Fallout 4 – completing at around level 60 in a game many have finished at a little over level 30. I have explored, looted and did as many side quests as possible, avoiding the outside world, sacrificing my health and quality time with my wife to get the most out of this game. But therein lies the problem, I did as many quests as possible but due to many game-breaking bugs, I was not able to finish as many quests as possible.

Fallout 4 provided four different factions where you will ultimately have to choose a side in order to finish the main quest. I carefully milked every faction’s quests up to the point where if I continued, it would alienate me from the other factions – being asked to betray that other faction’s leader or in my case, completely massacring an entire air blimp full of assholes.

I sided with the Institute from the moment they were introduced to the game. Of the four factions, I truly believed that the Institute would have the best means to providing a future for the Commonwealth. The other factions and the majority of the NPCs you meet in Fallout 4 have nothing good to say about the Institute – due mostly to the faction’s questionable practices such as kidnapping people and replacing them with identical automatons, the synths. But it was always part of the greater good – kidnapping a scientist in the world because they believed his high IQ would ultimately be for the benefit of the world.

Towards the end of one of the Institute main quests, I was asked to murder the leader of an opposing faction, the Railroad. It would of course, permanently cause the NPCs of the Railroad to be hostile and I would no longer be able to continue their quests – so I held that off. I still had a few quests with the Railroad and one of the quests asked that I speak to the leader for further instructions. Unfortunately, every time I speak to her she would repeat some random dialog about rebuilding.  She would not let me continue my Railroad quest with her. After an hour or so trying to reload an old save and trying to talk to her, she would still not budge. I had gotten so frustrated that I just shot her in the face to finish my Institute quest. My existing Railroad quests entered a failed status and everyone else in the Railroad started shooting and charging at me. It was quite disappointing, as I wanted to learn more about the Railroad and continue their quests.

Fallout 4

The point in the game where the game broke and I had no choice but to shoot her.4

I had to betray one of the other factions before, The Brotherhood of Steel, but I played their quests to the point where they gave me a high rank and Power Armor. I quested with the Brotherhood up to the point where they no longer had any unique quests to give. One of the main story quests in Fallout 4 had the player either betraying the Institute or betraying the Brotherhood. The game would warn you that the other faction would become your enemy, depending on what you chose to do. Right before choosing the Institute, I flew up to the Brotherhood’s flying death machine and shot up the place.  I killed their leader and stole his clothes just for good measure.

Fallout 4

Dead Brotherhood of Steel soldiers in their blimp, The Prydwen.

Fallout 4

Leader of the Brotherhood of Steel, Elder Maxson.

While this was one of the main quest bugs, other quests had its fair share of problems as well. Something similar happened in a side quests with an NPC named Hancock. I was asked to visit and speak to him in regards to the crime in his town, Goodneighbor. But unfortunately, all he would bring up is a previous quest I already completed! I could not finish the quest, The Silver Shroud, because he would just ask me about something I did 20 quests ago. What’s worse is I have quest items that I can’t store anywhere or toss so I have over 10 lbs. of wasted space in my inventory.

Fallout 4

I killed her already! Let me tell you about something else!!

Problems like this are certainly game breaking and very annoying. I was hoping I would be able to ignore all the little flaws this game has, but I seem to discover a new bug every other day. I once had to reload a very old save because all my items in the workshop and inventory disappeared.  Dozens of hours of collecting junk and weapons would have been wasted if I did not get in the habit of having multiple saves. The companions you can travel with are as dumb as they are stiff. They would charge into gunfire or traps without a second thought. Companions will randomly anger non-hostile NPCs leaving an otherwise civilized conversation in bloodshed or just not going where you tell them to go.

Fallout 4 itself is definitely a great game –fun quests, sometimes humorous dialog, powerful enemies to encounter, hundreds of collectables and a spectacular finale but the flaws stain this otherwise great game. With the amount of people and time behind this game, you would think it would be more polished, but sadly, this is not the case.

4 out of 10

Below are some of the more memorable moments in Fallout 4:
Fallout 4

1.  The remains of a couple holed up in one of Fallout’s many hidden rooms.


Fallout 4

2. Optional quest of talking down a scientist turned ugly when I accidentally chose to release the gorillas.


Fallout 4

3. Ground Zero of where the bombs fell.


Fallout 4

4. Synths being created at the Institute.


Fallout 4

5. Some of the magazines I collected that added special perks to your character.


Fallout 4

6. Taking down the Brotherhood of Steels blimp.


Fallout 4

7. I collected over 20 suits of Power Armor.


Fallout 4

8. One of the outcomes when choosing “Sarcastic” as a response.


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